Burnt Bread

What you see isn't always what you get.

When I post pics of my food there is something about the way it appears to me. A nicely plated meal makes food taste better to me.

I’m all about authenticity. Yes, I use my “good” stemware and china on a random ass Monday when I’m home alone. No, I don’t have paper plates. No, I’m not being boujie or “uppity.” (I don’t even like those terms)

When you see pics of my Sunday Dinner spread with crystal glasses, cloth napkins and flatware, what you don’t get to see is the burnt bread. (I burn some of the bread almost every. single. time🤣) I don’t serve it, I toss it.

This time, I put it in a serving dish a snapped a pic. Because I was reminded….

I remembered one of the biggest arguments in my marriage was over burnt bread. (neither of us had burnt it). This is why I don’t want to argue over insignificant topics. Throw the fu$k!ng bread away, scrape off the burnt part, or get some more….but she (meaning me) ain’t arguing with nobody about no damn bread! (I don’t even eat bread anymore)


“My presentation is not always my process”

I was reminded of a time when there were ten of us living in a small 3 BR townhouse. 6 of them, kids, under the age of 12. All we ever used were paper plates, plastic forks, and styrofoam cups. We were jacking up the environment and meal time clean up was easy! I vowed to NEVER use paper plates again if I don’t have to.

The moral of the story: Just because you don’t see the burnt bread doesn’t mean that there was none. It does not imply that everything was perfect and the smoke detectors did not go off, range hood vent was not engaged, windows and doors were not opened, and that 30 min prior, the kitchen did not look like the start of a 420 celebration or the inside of a cigar lounge at full capacity!

My presentation is not always my process, I just prefer to accentuate the positive and focus on the dopeness. 

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