Dirt Road Destiny

What you see isn't always what you get.

I spent many summer days out in the “country.” 

Running up and down this very dirt road with my siblings and  cousins, swatting mosquitos, and
 being fussed at for allowing the creaky, wooden screen door to slam shut as we came in for a drink of water or to use the bathroom.
As a kid I didn’t want to go. The bugs, the boredom. The unforgiving, sweltering heat. The nothing-to-do-ness of it all created a countdown to getting out of the “country.”
As an adult, the obligatory return was about family reunions and funerals, oh and ensuring my kids knew their roots.
Returning as a healed, 49 year old, empty nester with no agenda for the morning I was able to appreciate all of the things I could not see on the multitude of trips made previously.
From the dirt roads, to the house my mother was born in. Even the beauty of the pendulous moss on the trees was seen from a different perspective. (It looked creepy when I was a child)


And that sunrise! Who knew? I surely did not.
It’s hard to appreciate the beauty of nature when you are driving 70MPH trying to get the hell away from the meddling mosquitoes and literal sound of crickets.
I’m definitely finding beauty in random things. I’m thankful!

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