Keep Being You

Dance, even if you can't

All these dance challenges on the innanets…. I had to try it. 
These almost 50 year old knees said “okay now, you are testing us dammit” and they came through. Or this would have been a tragedy!
I used to not dance, AT ALL, because when I was younger some “friends” made fun of me when I was doing The Wop at a rec center party. I spent years going to parties and watching others dance.
Not now, I will dance in a house, I will dance with a mouse (Mickey or Chucky), I will dance here or there, I will dance everywhere.
So if you see me dancing at the gas station or the grocery store you can join me in my two step, or you can mind your business and order a hoodie🤣🤩

“Don’t dim your light, keep shining bright”

Retain your power by not allowing anyone to turn you down. You were not made to ensure the comfortability of everyone else.  That doesn’t mean we go trolling people just to get under their skin. Very simply it means, don’t dim your light, keep shining bright.

Keep being you, authentically. But first you have to know who you are.  Do that work to determine what you stand for and show up everywhere.

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