How High?

Emotional Thug Tendencies

I was in my feels about so many things this week, personally and professionally. I have emotional thug tendencies. That means I can give zero fu@ks about one thing and feel some kind of way about another thing at the same damn time. It’s called balance!

The thing I should not have given any energy had me distracted. I was doing the things to redirect that energy…completed some unfinished projects, decluttered one of my closets, did some crafting and creating, finalizing year end business stuff.

As soon as I would get some clarity on the one thing another distraction would pop up. Like what kind of tilt-a-whirl, roller-fuxking-coaster, see-saw ride is this!! How High does this thing go before it spins me around and I plummet to the bottom. For those who think things look so perfect for other people, just know the Up-Down happens to all of us.

The difference in the affect of our bounce house type of life activities is how we respond to them based on how we CHOOSE to see them. We can lay down on the floor of the bounce house frightened and hoping to crawl out as quickly as possible. OR we can figure out the rhythm and position ourselves to be propelled to the highest height and soar.

How High am I supposed to go? Well, I got a message in the exact moment I needed it. I had put my name on a wait list for a hot air balloon flight a few weeks ago. I had wanted to take this flight back then and they were completely full for the rest of the season. But NOW they had an opening. I wasn’t ready to go NOW. But this is on my bucket list. See-saw sh!t. Up-Down sh!t.

Eff it! I made it work and took my first Hot Air Balloon flight at sunrise this morning. I didn’t ask any questions most people ask, like HOW HIGH will we go?


“You won’t know how high you can go if you let go too soon.”

Back On The Ground

Sunrise From The Sky In A Hot Air Balloon

A Selfie In The Sky

How High is determined by a number of things, some controllable and some, not so much.

Today the weather was great. Winds were low, skies were clear. Take off was smooth and landing felt effortless. How High did we go? I don’t know I was enjoying the view and the epiphany that if I had taken this flight a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have gone this high because of the winds.


When Life feels like you are on a playground swing and there is no one to push you, don’t walk away pouting.

Pump your legs.


Hold on, while you are in motion.


Keep pumping.


You won’t know How High you can go if you let go too soon.

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