Decide To Be Dope - Mindset Makeover Experience

This 22 day mind, body, and soul experience kickstarts new-found energy, empowers you to cancel confusion and toxic living, and clarify a life where you walk in your dopeness. Move your mindset from mediocre so you can be MARVELOUS!

From: $0.00 for 1 month and a $299.00 Initial Payment$299.00



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Be DŌP, Because You Are! - Dope on Purpose

Melanated Maven Mindset Detox

This is a 22 day immersion with me and others like you who are ready for a mindset makeover that will disrupt mediocrity and get you to walk in your dopeness

What You Get

Bonus Package

Module 1: Dedicated to Dopeness – Detox Your Mind
How to get unstuck and start moving into your DŌP Life.

Module 2: Deliberately DŌP – Detox Your Body
Healthy Habits to give you that DŌP glow inside and out.

Module 3: Dare to be DŌP – Nourish Your DŌP Soul
How focus on you and shamelessly walk in your dopeness without guilt.

DŌP Life Detox Experience Bundle Kit

The DŌP Life Detox Experience Downloadable Workbook which includes:

24 hour expiring bonus

24 hr Bonus I Am The Dopest – Audio Affirmations with Affirmation Statements


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