Melanated Maven VIP Experience

From: $1,247.00 every 2 weeks for 4 weeks and a $1,997.00 Initial Payment



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Are you overwhelmed by the pressures of having to be ALL things, to ALL people, at ALL times?

No longer feel like you’re stuck in the never-ending cycle of stress, and reclaim your power to create a life and lifestyle that lights you up and gives you the space and time to completely walk in your dopeness.

Are you sick and tired of being SICK & TIRED, STUCK, and people having you all the way EFF’D UP?

Buh-Bye feeling swamped in a soul destroying job with toxic colleagues as you decide to free your soul and its powerful intuition to guide you into a deeply fulfilling, purposeful and abundant life where you can be your authentic dope self.

Are you OVER being marginalized from the classroom to the boardroom and beyond?

Release the self-sabotaging patterns and assuredly affirm “I am enough” while you walk into a radiant dopeness knowing your voice has the dopest power.

Are you EXHAUSTED by having to constantly express your achievements to prove you add value?

NO EXPLANATION NEEDED! STOP feeling you need to defend your intellect and tout your accomplishments to be validated by people who do not matter and transition into being the confident Queen you are who lifts other Queens!

Imagine This

Be DŌP, Because You Are! - Dope on Purpose


Become a magnet for health, wealth, and wellbeing as you claim your value and worth as a woman in 90 days.

What You Get

Melanated Maven Mindset Makeover Curriculum

Module 1: Dedicated to Dopeness – Detox Your Mind – How to get unstuck and start moving into your DŌP Life

Module 2: Deliberately DŌP – Detox Your Body – Healthy Habits to give you that DŌP glow inside and out

Module 3: Dare to be DŌP – Nourish Your DŌP Soul – How focus on you and shamelessly walk in your dopeness without guilt

Module 4: Plan Your DŌP Life – Win Each Day by planning your time

Module 5: DŌP Life affirmations – Create positive energy with the use of affirmations and gain a deeper understanding of the power in doing so.

Module 6:  Cooking for your DŌP Soul – Learn how to put a healthy spin on the soul food recipes you love so much

Module 7: DŌP Life By Design – A virtual vision board workshop where you create a visual representation of the dope life and dope things you want to manifest.

Module 8:  Unapologetic, Polished, & Imperfect – Tools to help you let go of the need to be perfect and unapologetically embrace the things that make you uniquely and authentically dope.

Module 9:  Abundantly Dope & Confident Queen – Shoulders back, head up! Learn to “strut” with the class and the quiet confidence of royalty.

Bonus Package

Bonus #1 – The Digital DŌP Life Gratitude Journal

Bonus #2 – DŌP Life Healthy recipes  

Bonus #3 – DŌP Life Detox Checklist

Bonus #4 – DOP Life Audio meditation

Bonus #5 –  Printable DŌP Life Planner

Bonus #6 –  The DŌP Life Detox Experience Downloadable Workbook  – which includes –                      

  • Preparation Assessment – Determine where you are at the start of your journey
  • DŌP Life Detox Experience Printable affirmations – Printable affirmations to help you maintain a positive mindset
  • Daily Writing Prompts – Prompts to help you capture a-ha moments and release toxic thoughts and behaviors
  • Post Experience reflections – A space where you can reflect on the experience for future reference, whenever you need a reset
  • Daily Detox Tracker – Track your progress with how you are detoxing your mind, body, and soul to get to your dope self

24 hour expiring bonus

24 hr Bonus – I Am The Dopest – 45 minute Audio Affirmation Statements to help you focus on maintaining your positive mindset.


“Truly a dope Leader in my world. Supportive of my journey as a Leader and helped me to reach my goals and I am thankful”

S. Dorsey
Queens, New York

“This past season our team won the New York State Class AA Football Championship with a record of 13-0. During the season I wanted strategies to help the team deal with stress in a healthy and positive way. During my search I reached out to doctors, school faculty and parents! The most beneficial was the infromation presented by De Lacy Paisley Jackson! She did focus and relaxation techniques on our pre-game meeting , that the team found to be incredibly helpful!”

Coach Ray Rhett
New Rochelle, New York

“The DOP Life Detox Program really helped me to release a lot of negativity and focus on being my true self.”

P. Milton
Washington, DC

“She helps to guide you in a positive ” You Got This Girl” while still calling you out when you start self sabotaging with procrastination, fear and self doubt.”

Cherrilyn Brooks
Jacksonville, FL

“I would recommend De Lacy Paisley because “She is passionate about helping people realize their goals are achievable. She’s an excellent coach!!”

Tammy Rimpsey
Washington, DC

“I have learned to be intentional about my business. I love having a support network and a team who truly cares about my success and overall well-being.”

Ida Nicholas
Dinwiddie, VA

“De Lacy Paisley is truly a dope Boss Lady…supportive of my journey as a Leader…and helped me to reach my goals. I am thankful.”

Shaniqua Dorsey
Gueens, NY


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