A few of my favorite things

Paisley's Favorite Travel Items

Below is a list of things I love to take with me when I travel. They are either actual or similar items I use personally.

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A Good Neck Pillow

This pillow is one of my favorites because it can folded and placed into the carry bag. This makes it less bulky for travel and provides comfort and support.


Travel Charger

Because there we have too many devices and not enough outlets in convenient places in most hotel rooms.

I even use this at home because it also provides the USB outlets for charging devices without a block.

Portable Charger

This one is wireless and solar! Because you can’t take all the pics if your device dies.

Bluetooth Speaker

Music sets the mood.  In the room, on the beach, by the pool. Make sure your playlist is ready and your speaker id charged.

Bonus!!! This one is actually waterproof. 

Travel Blanket

I’m usually asleep before wheels up, especially if I travel alone. 

The temps on the plane can be unpredictable so this blanket is light enough to not be bulky when traveling while also provided cover from head to toe. It is also a cooling blanket in case you are just trying to hide your drool but don’t want to be too warm.

And a nice travel bag makes it easy to carry and access in your carry-on.

Travel socks

Cold feet are a “NO” for me.  Also, if I’m required to remove my shoes for TSA, ion wanna walk my bare feet on that floor.  

A pair of socks with grips on the bottom can be used to keep my feet warm on the aircraft or to walk around the room.

Travel bottles

Short trips, long trips, weekend trips. Packing full size bottles of toiletries is not always convenient. 

I don’t usually use the hotel products and usually take them to be used in giveaway bags for the homeless.

I like to have my own products for my hair and body so these bottles and jars are great for carrying my body oils, hair products, and all that.

Keeping them filled makes packing easy. And they are all carry-on size.

Other Things to Pack

  • Headphones, Airpods, earbuds (to watch a movie, listen to music, tune out annoying people)
  • Hand sanitizer (‘cuz germs)
  • Sanitizing wipes (wipe down that tray table) ’cause people are nasty
  • Travel size hand lotion
  • Charging cords, batteries, etc for your devices
  • Don’t forget your passport and a pen to fill out the required paperwork on the plane

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