Determined to Be Dope – Mindset Makeover

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Be DŌP, Because You Are! - Dope on Purpose


The 90 day experience to shift your attitude from needing to be all things to all people, second-guessing yourself, and fitting into a box created by others to owning and claiming your empowered, authentic, and purpose driven, abundantly dope life.

What You Get

Melanated Maven Mindset Makeover Curriculum


Module 1: Dedicated to Dopeness – Detox Your Mind – How to get unstuck and start moving into your DŌP Life

Module 2: Deliberately DŌP – Detox Your Body – Healthy Habits to give you that DŌP glow inside and out

Module 3: Dare to be DŌP – Nourish Your DŌP Soul – How to focus on you and shamelessly walk in your dopeness without guilt

Module 4: Plan Your DŌP Life – Win Each Day by planning your time, setting goals, and crushing them

Module 5: Using DŌP Life affirmations – Create positive energy and gain a deeper understanding of the power of affirmations.

Module 6:  Cooking for your DŌP Soul – Learn how to put a healthy spin on the soul food recipes you love so much

Module 7: DŌP Life By Design – A virtual vision board workshop where you create a visual representation of the dope life you desire.

Module 8:  Unapologetic, Polished, & Imperfect – Tools to help you let go of the need to be perfect and unapologetically embrace the things that make you uniquely and authentically dope.

Module 9:  Abundantly Dope & Confident Badass-  Learn to strut with the class and quiet confidence of royalty minus the arrogance.

Value: $6,000

Bonus Package

Bonus #1 –  Access to a future Virtual DŌP Life By Design Vision Board Workshop

Bonus #2 – The Digital DŌP Life Gratitude Journal

Bonus #3 – DŌP Life Healthy recipes  

Bonus #4 – DŌP Life Detox Checklist Value

Bonus #5 – DOP Life Audio meditation

Bonus #6 –  Printable DŌP Life Planner

Bonus #6 – The DŌP Life Detox Experience Downloadable Workbook  – which includes –           

  • Preparation Assessment – Determine where you are at the start of your journey
  • DŌP Life Detox Experience Printable affirmations – Printable affirmations to help you maintain a positive mindset
  • Daily Writing Prompts– Prompts to help you capture a-ha moments and release toxic thoughts and behaviors
  • Post Experience reflections– A space where you can reflect on the experience for future reference, whenever you need a reset

 Daily Detox Tracker – Track your progress with how you are detoxing your mind, body, and soul to get to your dope self

Value: $800

24 hour expiring bonus

24 hr Bonus I Am The Dopest – Audio Affirmations with Affirmation Statements

Value: $3,000

TOTAL VALUE: $11,400


Early Bird Pricing:  $997 if purchased by December 15, 2020

$1200 after December 15, 2020

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