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Makeover Your Mindset And Move From Mediocre to Marvelous!

Who's That Girl?

De Lacy Paisley is the …

Mindset Makeover Maven ~ DŌP Life Movement Creator ~  Marvelous Transformation Master ~ Lady of Lyrical Loquaciousness ~ Royal Stage Slayer ~ International Inspirational Speaker ~ Overcomer. Periodt ~ Big Apple Born Boss of Brunching ~ Elevated Life Liver ~ Inspiring Affirmation Giver ~ DŌP Ass individual.

With a sophisticated yet powerful energy she has a clear vision to aspire to inspire you to positively impact your authentic and abundantly DŌP Life. To realize you are inherently dope – excellent, great, impressive. Dope On Purpose! Paisley has a unique style of providing straight talk coupled with the support you need to design and dwell in a life far beyond your imagination.

Don’t let the smooth taste fool ya. Things did not come easy. As an overcomer of domestic violence, sexual harassment, homelessness, a speech impediment, and an auto-immune disease, she wanted something different.  She NEEDED something different.

She wanted to make a difference and discovered the ONE thing that holds us back from being marvelous. It’s our own mindset! She decided to take her 20+ years of Corporate Leadership, coaching, and development experience and build a brand that provides a blueprint to help you shorten your learning curve on the path to reclaim your greatness!

Her coaching and mentoring has helped professional athletes, C Level Leaders, and entrepreneurs avoid costly missteps and mistakes personally and professionally.  Paisley’s coaching programs and systems are disruptive and she is passionate about you transforming your personal brand from bland and boring and become aligned with divine dopeness.

Whether you are watching her Live Social Media show Sippin’ & Soul Speak, listening to the DŌP Life Podcast, enrolled in one of her online courses, or catch her on stage at a speaking engagement you will be inspired and impacted to walk in your dopeness.

Paisley created the DŌP Life Movement so that you can Be DŌP, Because You Are!  ~ Dope On Purpose.

Happy Faces of Happy Students​

Be DŌP. Because You Are! - Dope On Purpose

The Mindset Makeover Maven

The Power of Paisley

Has 20+ years of leadership experience in a corporate setting and can give you the straight talk you need to not feel beat down by the grind and empower you to be YOU, authentically

Has written a successful book of affirmations to allow you to replace negativity with positive vibes to attract your dope life.

Has a holistic health and wellness certification and has overcome an autoimmune disease naturally and without pharmaceutical solutions by standing up for the right to partner in healthcare.

Has experience successfully coaching athletes and former athletes, through personal and professional life transitions.

Has created a movement and a community for women of color and their allies to realize you can overcome the FEAR holding you back and you can Face Everything And Rise above the all limiting thoughts and be your dope self!

/dōp/ adjective - Describing someone or something excellent. great. impressive

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